There is still time to submit your 2020 Sheep and Goat Census – but only Online


The closing date for receipt of completed 2020 census forms returned by post was Monday 1st February 2021.

However, an extended deadline to 15th February 2021 applies for receipt of online returns only. Online submission  of sheep and goat census information is straight-forward and can be donevia The online system provides confirmation when a census submission has been submitted successfully. Farmers who are not already registered for online services can do so by logging on to  and clicking the option to register. As log-in details are issued by post, farmers using the system for the first time should register immediately to allow sufficient time for their log-on details to reach them at their registered address.

A guide to the submission of census data online via is provided on the back of the census forms that issued to keepers in mid-December 2020. Where keepers have addition questions in relation to the use of the online system, they can ‘phone DAFM at 0761-064407 for assistance.

Keepers are reminded that they must also record the census information returned to the Department in their flock registers.

Online submission of the 2020 census will remain an option after the extended closing date for online returns (15th February 2021). However, it should be stressed that online submission of 2020 census data after that date will be considered to be late and may have implications for eligibility to certain DAFM schemes.

Submission of a completed census is central in declaring that required stocking rates are being maintained and facilitates the drawing down of payments under schemes such as the Sheep Welfare Scheme, Basic Payment Scheme, Areas of Natural Constraints Scheme, AEOS, GLAS etc. Failure to return the census on time may impact payments under these schemes and also other future related payments from this Department.

Note for Editors:

Annual Sheep and/or Goat Census 2020

  • Completion and return of the Annual Sheep and/or Goat Census 2020 form is a legal obligation on the keeper.  Failure to return a completed form on time may impact on eligibility for certain DAFM schemes.
  • The onus is on the flock/herd keeper to make sure that completed census forms are returned on time. In respectof postal return, the only acceptable proof of postage is a receipt of registered post.

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