Online Learning At The Irish Writers Centre


We’re happy to now announce that during this period of closure, we will be offering remote learning opportunities for those looking to explore creative writing at home. 

Remote learning allows you to to enjoy live interaction with a trusted writing teacher via weekly online courses. This might just be the time to get inspired, hone your writing skills and receive feedback on your work.

By signing up to an online course, you are helping the Irish Writers Centre continue to deliver our services through our education programme, as well as providing vital paid employment to freelance writers.

As Ireland’s national resource organisation for Irish writers and Irish writing, our staff have been working to continue providing our services to writers over this period. If you are a professional writer looking to learn more about the resources and supports that are available to you during this period, here is some information that might be useful for you. 

On behalf of the team at the Irish Writers Centre and the freelance writers and artists we work with, thank you for your cooperation and ongoing support of our work.

Slán go fóill,   The team at the Irish Writers Centre


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