Family Resource Centre National Forum to publish report and toolkit to help communities fight Covid-19


The Family Resource Centre National Forum (FRCNF) will publish a digital toolkit aimed at equipping Family Resource Centres with resources to inform their local communities about best practice for following Covid-19 guidelines. The toolkit will be published as part of an online launch of the Family Resource Centre National Forum’s ‘Our Story’ report on Wednesday, 21st October at 10am.

The ‘Our Story’ report will outline the historical, current, and potential future development of the National Family Resource Centre Programme. The Report locates the work of Family Resources Centres within current Government policy and demonstrates how the centres work with individuals, families and communities responding to locally identified needs.

Speaking in advance of the launch, Clare Cashman, Chair of the FRCNF, said: “The work of Family Resource Centres during the Covid-19 crisis demonstrates the purpose and value of Family Resource Centres now and in the future. Our community frontline workers responded to local needs and co-ordinated wider efforts to provide support to their local communities.

“At tomorrow’s event we look forward to launching a special digital campaign to help Family Resources Centres across Ireland continue to support their local communities to keep safe during the upcoming Halloween celebrations.”

The FRCNF is the national representative body for Family Resource Centres. The Family Resource Centre programme has been in operation for over 25 years.  Further information is available at


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