FTAI Defends The RSA In Light Of Negative Comments.


In response to comments made in the media this morning (26 November 2019) of alleged ‘organisational dysfunctionality, inefficiency and poor regulatory oversight by the RSA’, Aidan Flynn General Manager of FTAI, speaks in its defence:

“In the view of FTAI, recent comments in the media regarding alleged ‘organisational dysfunctionality, inefficiency and poor regulatory oversight by the RSA’ could not be further from the truth. The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is a vital body which works hard to improve road safety and provide fair commercial regulatory standards. FTAI has a progressive relationship with the RSA, having worked with the team there for many years; we find it is always interested in hearing our members’ concerns. However, the Authority does require additional support to allow it to fulfil its function in a more targeted and sustained manner and FTAI has consistently called for the government to provide this investment. After all, fair enforcement of legal obligations – by both the Garda Siochana and Road Safety Inspectors – is crucial to foster a competitive environment for operators.

“This fair and consistent enforcement is also critical to the sustainable implementation of compliant operations. And this approach will drive a culture within the freight distribution and logistics sector that recognises the legislation and the regulations underpinning a just, competitive and safe environment for all. This must be resourced across all agencies charged with enforcing the laws of the land.”

Mr Flynn continues:

“Since the RSA was launched in 2006, road safety statistics in Ireland have significantly improved and are now better than the European average. In the view of FTAI, it is incumbent of all of us involved in road transport to work constructively and effectively with all stakeholders to continuously and consistently improve. We all have role to play and that requires government engagement; all current and future leaders should be willing to work progressively with the RSA.”

The popularity of FTAI’s TruckSafe Standard demonstrates its members’ commitment to achieving the highest standards of safety and compliance within the road transport sector. TruckSafe is designed to provide independent verification of the HGV fleet operators that are meeting, or exceeding, minimum legal requirements. Attainable in three levels – bronze, silver and gold – the TruckSafe standards is assessed annually and is marked on a rising scale of complexity designed to reassure operators and buyers of freight alike.

For more information on the scheme please visit Click Here,

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