Ireland’s Trade in Goods 2018.

Ireland’s Trade in Goods 2018
  • Ireland exported €141 billion of goods in 2018 and imported €92 billion
  • We exported over €39 billion of goods to the USA in 2018, our largest export market
  • Imports from the UK were €20 billion in 2018, our largest import partner
  • Food exports to the UK in 2018 were €4.8 billion accounting for 43% of total food exports

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The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today (10 December 2019) published Ireland’s Trade in Goods 2018, an analysis of Ireland’s goods exports and imports for 2018.

It shows our biggest trading partners and products, with additional analysis on Ireland’s trade with the UK.

Commenting on the figures, Statistician Ciarán Counihan said:“Ireland exported €141 billion of goods in 2018 and imported €92 billion.

There were €20 billion in goods imported from the UK, while goods exports to the UK totalled €16 billion. More than two-fifths of our food exports in 2018 were to the UK, with a value of €4.8 billion. Just under half of our total food imports of €7.8 billion in 2018 came from the UK.

Ireland exported €2.4 billion of milk, cheese and butter in 2018, and one-third of that went to the UK, while more than three-quarters of our imports of these goods, with a total value of €481 million came from the UK.

Over €1 billion of bovine meat was exported to the UK in 2018 which is over half of total bovine meat exports.  We exported over 90% of our cereals, and almost 80% of our fruit and vegetables to the UK in 2018, but just 8% of the total value of our seafood exports went to the UK”.

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