Irish Cancer Society welcomes drop in smokers but warns against complacency.


The Irish Cancer Society has welcomed the latest Healthy Ireland survey which shows that the number of smokers in Ireland has dropped by 165,000.

Speaking about the report, Kevin O’Hagan, Cancer Prevention Manager with the Irish Cancer Society said, “Seeing that the proportion of smokers in Ireland is down from 23% to 17% is very positive and shows that the action we’re taking in Ireland to address smoking is working. “

“From the smoking ban to plain packaging, the Society has been at the forefront of campaigning for action on tobacco, constantly striving towards the ultimate goal of a Tobacco Free Ireland. Smoking is the biggest risk factor for a number of cancers so a reduction in smokers means fewer people getting cancer. Giving up smoking will be the best decision a person will make when it comes to their health.”

“However, we cannot become complacent. The report also shows a rise in the use of e-cigarettes. Various tobacco control measures that we have introduced to combat smoking must also be urgently progressed to ensure that e-cigarettes are regulated in the same way, to prevent any further growth in youth nicotine addiction,” O’Hagan concluded.


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