Winter Pride to be marked with new LGBTI+ Fund : The Community Foundation for Ireland


Commitment to new LGBTI+ Support Fund at Winter Pride
“Important to prepare now for the long-shadow which Covid-19 will cast” Statement by The Community Foundation for Ireland

Preparations for a new fund to support the LBGTI+ community will be announced at Dublin’s online Winter Pride today (Wed 27th January 2021).

The Community Foundation for Ireland says it will be re-invigorating its support in order to ensure that supports are available for young people, mental health and wellbeing as well as equality in the aftermath of Covid-19.

The Foundation says the pandemic will cast a long shadow in a world where the rights of the LGBTI+ community are under attack in many countries. A special workshop on Philanthropy will hear that while Ireland has escaped the rise of right-wing politics, that discrimination is happening here both on and offline.

Post-Covid the Foundation says local and national groups which provide support need to be ready for increased demands and the establishment of the new fund is aimed at supporting that work.

During 21-years of operation The Community Foundation for Ireland has provided over €1m in support to LGBTI+ groups at both a local and national level, including as the first ever funder for Marriage Equality.

Denise Charlton, Chief Executive of The Community Foundation for Ireland 

Speaking at a special workshop on Philanthropy, Denise Charlton, the Chief Executive of the Community Foundation for Ireland said: (FULL REMARKS IN NOTE TO EDITORS)

“The bond between The Community Foundation for Ireland and this community has been strong – however, it is also true to say that whenever we open applications for funding, demand always outstrips the resources available.

Covid-19, its impact and the issues it has brought to the surface including isolation, mental health as well as discrimination have only added to that demand.

As we gather it also seems clear that even when its gone, the Pandemic will cast a long shadow. Whenever our country faces such pressures it is always the vulnerable, the marginalised and those who struggle to be heard who get left behind.

Many of our family, our friends and our colleagues fall into those categories.

With this in mind The Community Foundation has decided to act. We will not wait for whatever may lie ahead, we will start forming our response now.

I can confirm today that we are going to re-invigorate our commitment with a new Fund for the LGBTI+ Community.

It is important to get this right from day one. So, we will be consulting community representatives, our grantee partners and indeed donors on every aspect of our plans and we have already had fantastic support from Dublin Pride for this initiative.

Having said that we cannot consult indefinitely so our hope is to be in a position for a public launch in June – the month of Pride worldwide.”


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