BSI welcomes student demand for computer science courses to address sector skills shortage


BSI’s Consulting Services, which operates in the cybersecurity and information resilience sector, welcomes the higher demand for Leaving Certificate STEM subjects this year. This includes over 700 students who received results for computer science as a subject for the first time.  With the cybersecurity industry experiencing a shortage of twoˡ million skilled professionals globally, today’s CAO points increase for computer science and related courses is a positive endorsement to meet the sector’s growing demand for talented people.

Aoife Stokes, Head of HR at BSI Consulting Services said: “Our progressive reliance on cybersecurity and information resilience professionals has heightened this year due to the pandemic as many organizations seek to secure their businesses against rising attacks and threats. This will continue for years to come as technology becomes more embedded in our daily lives both inside and outside the workplace. I’m really encouraged to see the growing interest in this sector from students this year as it is a career choice that is in high demand with great opportunities.”

“As various industry and client demands rise, and regulations and compliance heighten, the need for knowledgeable professionals continues to grow and our expert consultants are continuously developing their skillsets to meet this demand in diverse and rewarding positions. Globally we are also supporting professionals with our virtual training solutions to ensure no one misses out on upskilling as the roles become more hybrid.  It’s been a challenging year, and I encourage students, along with educational representatives, industry bodies, and government to continue to advance the interest in STEM further for 2021.”

The Consulting Services team at BSI provides a range of solutions to help organizations address challenges in cybersecurity, information management and privacy, security awareness and compliance. For more information visit


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