Develop Your Network and Customer Relationships- 8th June


Grow Your Network, Your Reputation and Your Business:

In this exclusive Business Clinic Webinar Series, Derek Howard, CEO of ‘The Customer’, will share his insights and best practice ideas on how you can maintain and enhance your relationships and business with your customers during the current Covid-19 crisis.

Learning Objectives:

Day 1: Develop Your Network and Customer Relationships 

  • Who should you be networking with at this time?
  • Networking challenges and how to overcome them
  • Best practice tips in building a strong and successful personal network
  • Getting virtual meetings with people you don’t know very well
  • Making first meetings a lot more successful…. for you and for them!
  • Making time for more networking in your busy schedule

Dates and Times:

  • 8th June, 11am- 12:30pm

Click HERE to register for the course.


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