Over 40% of employees in Ireland have outgrown current job


Workforce looks to contract and temporary positions as shift in recruitment trends emerge

One year on from the onset of the Pandemic, Matrix Recruitment MD on the future of the recruitment industry and why he believes the contract trend is permanent

There appears to be widespread dissatisfaction bubbling under the surface for many employees across the country.

A year on from the beginning of what can only be described as a life-changing crisis for many, the recruitment industry is seeing trends that did not exist a mere 12 months ago.

Most industries have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way. Remote working is no longer something we are adjusting to, but something that has become second nature.

Many have had a rethink on their priorities and many more are rethinking their career choices with research* from Matrix Recruitment showing 43% of us are not happy in our jobs. 

What the future holds, is still uncertain as the country waits for the vaccination rollout to complete.

But what of the future of work?

Kieran McKeown, managing director of Matrix Recruitment says the company has seen a major shift in candidates’ requirements when it comes to selecting a role with a greater emphasis than ever on lifestyle over work. The company has also seen many permanent roles disappear that are instead being replaced by temporary or contract roles.

“This time last year, hiring came to a standstill. This applied to both permanent and contract roles when business priorities were completely shaken up. As the months went by, operational demands changed for many companies and with that came new challenges and a requirement for employees with new or different skill sets in Ireland. The permanent roles were suddenly off the books for many, and in came a growing demand for the temporary workforce.”

Today, Matrix Recruitment is still seeing the effects with temporary and contract workers in high demand, and no sign of any change in sight.

“If you’ve been browsing jobs websites, you’ll likely have noticed a huge number of 12 month or 24 month contract roles on offer. Recruiting today is radically different to a mere twelve months ago. It’s not just companies leading this change, employees are beginning to look for these roles too. They are beginning to see how lucrative a contract role can be. It gives them options and flexibility. They are re-evaluating their transferrable skills and are beginning to broaden their horizons. Our recent survey showed that 43% of employees in Ireland have fallen out of love with their current job, which is just a staggering number.”

Today, Matrix Recruitment has reported that its permanent roles for the year 2020-2021 fell by 41% on the previous year. Contract roles fell by just 10%, which according to Kieran is minute given the complete standstill the world came to for several months. “It shows just how many permanent roles evolved into contract positions and therefore kept the workforce going in some way.”

Contract roles offer benefits that many permanent posts do not, including more flexibility, high daily or hourly rates, and can be an ideal foot in the door allowing people to try out another industry without committing permanently.

Today the company also revealed the growth sectors it is seeing emerge, which highlights the areas of opportunity for jobseekers.

“Pharmaceuticals, medical devices and public sector top our jobs database at the moment, closely followed by healthcare positions. But we are also seeing notable growth in sectors such as R&D, food services and traditional manufacturing. The career opportunities are diverse, and it really is a great time for jobseekers to explore new industries and build their skills and experience.”

The Matrix team is happy to offer advice for jobseekers including anyone that is new to contracting or temping, or businesses that have short-term requirements to be filled.

For further information on current vacancies available, visit www.matrixrecruitment.ie.

*Matrix Recruitment Dream Job Survey of more than 1,800 adults in Ireland, March 2021


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