Pilot Law Society certificate designed to help businesses realise their CSR potential


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are valuable to each and every company and help businesses connect with their communities in a meaningful and impactful way.

The Law Society of Ireland has developed a pilot Certificate in CSR Practice to help businesses, solicitors and professionals working in the areas of HR, CSR and corporate governance develop their CSR contribution.

The course, which starts today Friday 21 February, runs until mid-April and will cover key topics including:

  • What is corporate social responsibility?
  • Running and managing an impactful CSR function
  • Design, build and improve your CSR function

CSR, businesses and employees

CSR can improve the workplace culture for all employees, boost engagement and morale, build a business’ reputation and credibility, improve the communities in which the business operates and promote an environmentally responsible business agenda.

Teri Kelly, Director of Members Services and Representation at the Law Society, and lecturer on the course, said there has been a growth in CSR initiatives among businesses.

“Corporate social responsibility has seen an immense growth in recent years. The benefits of CSR are endless and businesses and organisations are reaping the internal and external benefits and incorporating strategies into their business plans,” she said.

“Businesses want to give back to their communities and their employees. We often see CSR initiatives materialise by ways of community engagement through donations to local groups, volunteering, mentoring programmes or park runs.”

“In addition to helping communities, there is also the business argument for developing CSR initiatives,” Ms Kelly explained. “Often, there is an internal demand and expectations by employees for their employers to meet certain CSR expectations, with interest in projects relating to community engagement, the environment and sustainability and more.

“CSR helps foster a work culture that contributes to employee job satisfaction and workplace morale. Businesses have a unique opportunity to give back and work with their communities and offer experiences that are compatible with their company goals.”

“The certificate in CSR Practice provides a best-practice guide to CSR and will show participants how to develop their CSR in an impactful way,” she said.

CSR and the Law Society

The Law Society of Ireland runs and participates in a number of CSR initiatives, including: The Calcutta Run – the legal fundraiser, Street Law and Prison Law, Everyone Can Code with Stanhope Street School and hosts Focus Ireland’s Shine A Light Business Leaders Sleep Out, among others.

For more information on the Law Society’s Certificate in CSR Practice, see: Certificate in CSR Practice


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