Action Your Will and Help Save Lives


It is estimated that 70% of the adult population in Northern Ireland do not have a will.  If you die without making a will, the things that you own, your estate, will be shared out according to intestacy rule, which means you could inadvertently disinherit the people and causes closest to you.   To help address the issue, Action Cancer in partnership with a number of solicitors, is launching an ‘Action Your Will’ campaign.

As part of the ‘Action Your Will’ campaign, participating solicitors across Northern Ireland are waiving their fees, for basic wills, for a month of their choosing. In lieu of payment, any client donations received will be used to help Action Cancer’s therapeutic support services and unique breast screening service. 

Mark Jones, Corporate Fundraising Executive for Action Cancer, explains the importance of the campaign: 

“It is a simple fact that many people do not like to think about their own mortality.  If we feel fit and healthy, forward planning and considering how loved ones are going to be provided for after we are gone does not seem like a pressing concern.  However, what we find is that when people receive a cancer diagnosis, they start to consider what future provision they can or should make for family and loved ones.   Decisions of this nature can require some thought and it can be difficult for individuals to make these choices when they are feeling unwell.

“That’s why Action Cancer, working in partnership with a range of solicitors from right across Northern Ireland, has launched the ‘Action Your Will’ campaign.  We want to encourage people to take the time now to consider what they would like to do with their estate and to contact a solicitor and make a will.  A list of participating solicitors is available on our website   These solicitors are offering a basic will writing service, free of charge to their clients, in a month of their choice.  All donations received in lieu of will writing will be used to support Action Cancer’s unique breast screening service and its important counselling and therapeutic services.  Action Cancer truly values the generosity of these solicitors.” 

Ann Kinder, Managing Partner, Donnelly & Kinder Solicitors (left) and Leah Deehan (right), Trainee Solicitor at the practice joined Mark Jones (centre) from Action Cancer to launch the charity’s ‘Action Your Will’ campaign. Participating solicitors across Northern Ireland are waiving their fees for basic wills in a month of their choosing. In lieu of payment, clients’ donations will help Action Cancer’s therapeutic support services and unique breast screening service. For information on ‘Action Your Will’ please get in touch with Mark Jones on 028 9080 3345 or email 

Ann Kinder, Managing Partner, Donnelly & Kinder Solicitors and Leah Deehan, Trainee Solicitor at the practice, joined Action Cancer to launch the ‘Action Your Will’ campaign.   Discussing the campaign Ann Kinder said:

“The work of Action Cancer positively impacts the lives of thousands of people across Northern Ireland every year and we believe during such unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to support our local charities. At Donnelly and Kinder Solicitors, we have over twenty years of will writing expertise, which we are proud to draw upon to support Northern Ireland’s leading, local cancer charity.”

Legacy income makes an important contribution to Action Cancer on an annual basis, enabling the charity to sustain its services. All money raised for Action Cancer stays in Northern Ireland, helping the charity support people with cancer in your local community.  

To find out more about the campaign log onto or contact Mark Jones at Action Cancer on 028 9080 3345 or


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