Alcohol Action publish overview of political parties’ Election 2020 commitments to tackle alcohol harms

  • Five main parties renew their commitment to the full implementation of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act including Minimum Unit Pricing.
  • Six parties outline commitment to other initiatives with public health alcohol policy.

Alcohol Action today (Monday, 2nd Feb) published an overview of the central commitments within the manifestos of the political parties running candidates in the forthcoming election.

Five of eight of the political parties have renewed their commitment to see full implementation of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act, which was enacted in October 2018 but remains largely incomplete with major measures such as Minimum unit pricing, Content of advertising, Broadcast watershed and labelling of alcohol products yet to be commenced.

Six parties have further made significant commitments in their manifestos to advancing public health measures around alcohol addiction, harm and treatment.

Alcohol Action Ireland Election 2020 manifesto (published 23 January) highlighted a five-point plan to renew Ireland’s Public Health alcohol strategy, namely:

  • Coherent implementation of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018,
  • the establishment of a state-sponsored Office to lead on alcohol policy,
  • a childhood free from alcohol harm,
  • services for all affected by alcohol harm, and
  • review Ireland’s Low-risk Drinking Guidelines.

Commenting on the commitment of the political parties, Eunan McKinney, Head of Communications and Advocacy, Alcohol Action Ireland, said:

“We are very pleased to have such a strong commitment from the political parties, and their candidates, to tackling the corrosive impact of alcohol in our society. The Public Health (Alcohol) Act has a very achievable target of reducing alcohol consumption by 20% over a seven-year period but this can only be achieved if the Act is implemented in full, with renewed vigour.

Having made such a strong commitment to implementing the existing legislation, we will be speaking to all parties after the election to ensure these commitments are central to any Programme for Government to be agreed.”


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