Wear your favourite hat in support of Brain Tumour Ireland


– #WearAHatDay 2020 takes place on Friday, 23rd October –

Irish charity Brain Tumour Ireland (BTI) is calling on people to don their favourite hat in support of its annual awareness and fundraising campaign #WearAHatDay on Friday, 23rd October 2020.

The annual campaign raises funds for the charity’s vital support and information services for people diagnosed with brain tumours and their families, as well as raising awareness of the need for such services with the focus this year on paediatric brain tumours. A €4 donation can be made by simply texting BTI to 50300.

Paediatric Brain Tumour Support

#WearAHatDay takes place each year as part of Brain Tumour Awareness Week, which will run from Monday, 19th to Friday, 23rd October. This year, the awareness raising campaign will shine a light on paediatric brain tumours, and the impact that such a condition has on children and their families. There are approximately 60 children diagnosed with a brain tumour each year in Ireland.

As part of Brain Tumour Awareness Week, Brain Tumour Ireland will launch a new section of its website dedicated to providing information and resources for families of children living with brain tumours, and create a space to hear and share experiences of and with other families experiencing the same diagnosis and challenges.

Across all age ranges, over 400 people are diagnosed with a brain tumour in Ireland each year with many contacting Brain Tumour Ireland for support when they receive their diagnosis. As well as the practical supports and information, Brain Tumour Ireland also raises awareness of brain tumours and their symptoms among the public and the medical professions and contributes funding to brain tumour research initiatives.

This year, Brain Tumour Ireland has partnered with milliner Michelle Treacy, who is donating a bespoke hat as a prize for the ‘Best Selfie’ posted with the hashtag ‘#WearAHatDay’.

Natasha Smith, Chairperson of Brain Tumour Ireland said, “We’re calling on the public to get involved on Friday, 23rd October to support the work that Brain Tumour Ireland does – by simply wearing their favourite hat on the day and donating €4 by texting BTI to 50300. 

“We receive no State funding so our #WearAHatDay campaign is essential in funding our services year-round. A brain tumour diagnosis can have a devastating impact on patients and their families, particularly in the case of paediatric brain tumours. We’re hoping that the public will show their support for people diagnosed with brain tumours and have a little fun by getting involved in this campaign. We can’t wait to see the creative hats and photos shared on the 23rd October.”

For further information, please visit: https://braintumourireland.com/news/brain-tumour-awareness-week/


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