Komatsu Unveils Electric, Remote-Controlled Mini Excavator

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In a move aimed at those engaged in indoor demolition, confined, challenging site works and disaster rescue, Komatsu has unveiled details of its first fully electric, remote-controlled mini excavator concept machine.

Powered by a 31.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, the 3 tonne mini excavator has a 0.09 m3 bucket capacity and rear-swing radius of 970mm.

With no operator on board, the excavator is controlled and operated via wireless LAN, which, unlike a conventional remote-control system, enables the machine to operate in any work environment.

Thanks to its full-electric power, the eco-friendly machine generates no exhaust gas, noise or heat. In addition to improved energy efficiency, further innovation sees maintenance-free operation as a result of having no oil hydraulic equipment.

Commenting, John O’Brien, director at Komatsu distributor in Ireland, McHale Plant Sales, says: “though the market is somewhat limited compared to conventionally powered equipment, the attractions and benefits of an remote control, emissions-free operation, especially in confined and restricted areas, cannot be underestimated”.


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