BIMCERT speaker at BUILD UP 2020


In further developing the innovative work  Belfast Met  has developed  in digital transformation for the built environment, BIMcert Programme Manager Paul McCormack will speak at the BUILD UP Skills EU exchange meeting on 10 December 2020.

Mr Mc Cormack’s  presentation entitled , ‘Leveraging BIM skills for energy efficient buildings’ will focus on enabling and equipping workers with the skills and digital  tools required to deliver greener, cleaner and sustainable construction.

This online event offers an opportunity for exchanging views between stakeholders, innovative projects and EU policymakers on the key role of skilled building professionals to deliver the European Green Deal, in particular the so called ‘renovation wave’ of public and private buildings.

A policy panel will take stock of the progress achieved and efforts needed towards the 2030 targets. Parallel sessions will discuss the role of skilled professionals for constructing and managing efficient and more digitalised buildings and for delivering high quality renovations. The event will also investigate how the contribution can be made more visible and valued by the market.

BUILD UP Skills is a strategic initiative with the main goal of increasing the number of skilled building professionals across Europe who can deliver building renovations with high energy performance and new nearly zero energy buildings. Since 2011 BUILD UP Skills has been funding both national and transnational projects.

Looking forward to the event, BIMcert Programme Manager and Belfast Met Innovation Manager, Paul Mc Cormack said: “With BIMcert we have developed proactive industry engagement tools with bite sized training modules and blended delivery mechanisms to inspire and stimulate demand for sustainable energy skills, by providing clear upskilling transactions and recognition of upskilling performed.

“We are continuing our Digital Transformation journey with the built environment and are developing a crypto currency certCOIN to monetize the skills exchange process. With over 100 partners across 24 EU countries we have formed the BIM-Energy Performance Alliance (BIM-EPA), harnessing the digital transformation and BIM skills to inspire EU wide demand for sustainable energy skills, by providing clear upskilling transactions and recognition of upskilling performed in the digitalization of the construction sector. This work is the foundation of the Digital Centre of Excellence for the Construction Sector digiCONEX, which will provide a skills hub, an e-learning materials repository and a standardised EU recognition pathway for the whole supply chain to access and utilise. As we embrace digital transformation and in turn transform the European learning process from an analogue to a digital process connectivity is key. It is the key lever in ensuring workers are equipped, informed and skilled to deliver energy efficiency across the building sector. Connectivity will stimulate and inspire the demand for sustainable energy skills, augment access to appropriate upskilling transactions and recognition of upskilling performed,  enhance smarter work practices and develop innovation and transformational competences.’

BIMcert –

The BIMcert team in Belfast Met have also recently produced a research paper based on their innovative BIMcert work ‘Improving the Sustainability of the Built Environment by Upskilling SMEs in Building Information Modelling Through the Horizon 2020 BIMcert Project.’

The paper can be accessed on

Co-authored by Belfast Met staff Andrew Hamilton, Eduardo Rebelo and Paul McCormack this paper continues the Belfast Met journey in developing instrumental digital transformation modules and tools that are currently being implemented by the built environment to reduce the carbon footprint of construction. This work also showcases the innovative beyond blended delivery mechanisms currently being deployed successfully nationally and internationally.

This work reinforces the position of Belfast Met as the leading digital transformation FE college in the UK. The college is using this work and its engineering expertise within the School of Engineering and the Built Environment under Chris Corken as Head of School in developing initiatives to assist industry avail of the digital thread of Industry 4.0 to drive real world transformation in the manufacturing sector.

The BIMcert platform itself allows just in time training through a wide selection of training options to ensure all levels of construction employees have the fundamental capabilities to work in a digitally focused environment, with sustainability in mind.

BIMcert is a European wide project aimed at providing a training and qualification scheme for the skills required to support the implementation of BIM (Building Information Modelling) across the construction supply chain. Belfast Met  are the lead partner on the project along with six other partners, CITB, (NI), Future Analytics, Dublin, Technological University Dublin, IST/CERIS, Portugal, IECE, Macedonia and REIHP, Croatia.


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