Heat Merchants Group ‘Go Green’​ With Jungheinrich.


Low Carbon Pledge

Heat Merchants Group is a wholly Irish-owned company trading as Heat Merchants and Tubs & Tiles. The group has 32 Heat Merchants branches and 12 Tubs & Tiles showrooms supported by a central warehouse and distribution hub based in Athlone. Heat Merchants Group, as a signatory to the Low Carbon Pledge, have committed to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2030. They have installed an impressive 470 panel Solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof of their business support offices and central warehouse in Athlone. The installation of the solar photovoltaic system will generate up to 150kWp of renewable power, and will reduce consumption from the grid by circa 120,000 kWh per annum preventing approximately 80,000kg of harmful carbon dioxide from being released into the environment each year.

Diesel to Electric Switch

As part of this initiative, Heat Merchants Group have made the decision to replace their existing diesel forklifts with a fleet of brand new Jungheinrich EFG 425k electric forklifts operating in their distribution centre, further supporting the company’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions. These high efficiency forklifts will utilise the majority of the approximate 3.75Mwh of surplus power which is currently being generated by the Solar PV system and as a result will deliver an estimated CO2 savings of 67,480kg per annum. Following a long-standing customer relationship between Ian Watkins, National Property Manager at Heat Merchants Group and Ricky Eccles, UE Manager at Jungheinrich, Jungheinrich was the first choice for Heat Merchants Group when it came to making the switch from diesel to electric.

Sean Duffy, Area Sales Manager at Jungheinrich met with Ian Watkins and discussed the options available to trade-in their existing diesel forklifts for new efficient electric forklifts. Following a site survey and detailed exchange of specification requirements, Jungheinrich supplied a demonstration forklift for use by staff on site.

An important factor in making the switch is the input from staff experience and following the EFG 425k demonstration, the staff preferred the electric forklift due to it’s easy handling, reduced noise pollution and emissions. In line with Heat Merchants Group environmental aim, the switch to electric was finalised and the keys to their new fleet of electric forklifts were handed over this week at the Heat Merchants central warehouse and distribution hub in Athlone.

“Our business relies on material handling equipment and over the last few years Jungheinrich have supplied us with excellent service and after sales care, which in turn ensures an efficient service to our customers. For these reasons we are delighted to be partnered with Jungheinrich”

– Ian Watkins, National Property Manager, Heat Merchants Group.

Photo Credit: Robert Bakowicz


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