“Unlock your Building’s Energy optimisation through Digital Twinning”


In June 2020 Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) commenced work on a large-scale European H2020 research project lead by IESVE in building performance optimisation called iBECOME ‘Intelligent Building Energy Assets Control for Comfort, Energy, and Flexibility Optimization’. As part of this project, a number of generic building models will be produced which will be used to optimize the energy performance, comfort conditions, and flexibility of the building.

How to Get involved
IMR is now looking to sourcing the use of building data, ideally, manufacturing buildings, on a quid-pro-quo basis, for the purpose of generic model creation.

What do you get
The digital building model developed, based on your data, will be shared with you, along with a technical report highlighting key findings during the model development process potentially unlocking optimisation opportunities in your facility. Additionally, a free license for the IESVE modeling software will be made available for a limited period on a trial basis to enable interaction with the model.

For more information or to get involved contact John Mullaney, Energy Research Programme Manager.  john.mullaney@imr.ie


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