Elf’ing Blockages!


Elf on the shelf brings a completely new meaning to NI Water staff this Christmas as they prepare to keep the pipes free of blockages and festive fats, oil and grease (FOG).

The sewage team recently hired Loo’ie the Elf ahead of NI Water’s blocked pipes ad campaign to flush out the areas who haven’t been nice to their loo or sink this year

Carson Smylie from NI Water comments,

“Having been fully trained in all Elf and Safety procedures, we brought Loo’ie out on our visits this week. He will be watching very carefully and reporting back to Santa which areas have been naughty or nice to their loo and sink this year; that is whether or not they have been flushing wipes, cotton buds or pouring FOG down the sink.

“What goes down must come out and those wipes won’t magically disappear, they can join forces with a festive fatberg and cause a blockage in the sewer. Should you be on Santa’s naughty list, this could end up spilling onto your street or worse, back up into your home!”

According to research carried out by Water UK, 93% of the material causing sewer blockages was made up of wipes – including a high proportion of baby wipes – which are not designed to be flushed. Less than 1% of the domestic waste in the blockages was identified as made up of products which are designed to be flushed, such as toilet paper.*

As FOG cools, it solidifies; this can then create blockages in the sewerage system, which often results in raw sewage flooding gardens and homes. The effects of this can be devastating for you and your neighbours and if you are a business, your profit margins!

Carson continues,

“NI Water is appealing to the public to help us keep the drains clear over this festive period and all year round by not putting their FOG down the kitchen sink and to only flush the 3P’s pee, poo and paper. The wastewater drain which runs from each house is only a few inches wide and is only designed for human waste and toilet roll.

“Everyone has a role to play in keeping the drains clear and fat free this Christmas!”

To view the impact of FOG on our sewers visit: http://www.niwater.com/fats-oil-and-grease-fog/


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