Kinetic Labs welcomes its first client – Trinity Green Energies


Trinity Green Energies (TGE) has joined Kinetic Labs in Waterford and will be bringing additional employment to the South East.

TGE is a SME spin out from Trinity College Dublin which specialises in the capture, storage and utilisation of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. TGE aims to be the leading inventor and integrator of sustainable and affordable technologies for the capture and utilisation of carbon dioxide using renewable energy. The TGE technology will over time help to bring the existing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere back to safe levels.

Patsy Carney, Director of Kinetic Labs commented:

“TGE joining Kinetic Labs is not only great for our science community, but also Waterford and the South East. I know that for start-ups finding affordable and flexible lab space can be a big challenge so Kinetic Labs is the ideal place for spin-outs such as TGE to develop their business. This is the next step in our vision to transform Kinetic Labs into a science innovation hub for the South East.”

The cause of global warming is the rise in concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere due to intensive human emissions. With ambitions to tackle climate change and an appreciation for carbon emissions mitigation, TGE will work to remove carbon from the atmosphere and reuse it through their unique system. In its aim to capture carbon and transform it into a harmless waste compound or reusable fuel TGE plan to, within 10 years, deploy 25,000 TGE System units in Ireland and capture 10M tonne per annum of CO2. In parallel, TGE will license its technology to partners to replicate this in other countries with a worldwide target of capturing 100 million tonne of CO2 per annum and growing this over the following decade to 1 billion tonne per annum.

Talking about the move to Kinetic Labs, Ray Naughton, TGE Director said:

“It has taken TGE 10 years from initial University research to commercialisation of our technology. The opening of Kinetic Labs in Waterford uniquely provides the ideal lab environment to allow our ground breaking carbon capture technology to be developed. The location also provides access to sophisticated prototyping and manufacturing capability which will enable us manufacture and produce systems which will help to address the global challenges of Climate Change and Global warming.”

This is positive news for the South East region and Waterford with initial recruitment starting for a Mechanical Engineer and Chemical Engineer. This is a major opportunity for Ireland to become a world leader in Carbon Capture and Reuse technologies. TGE and Kinetic Labs could lead the Climate Change Industry by helping to establish an advanced Centre for the capture and reuse of carbon across multiple industries.


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