Komatsu Forest Sales Reflect Projected Forestry Sector Growth 


Projections that forestry is set to become one of the major growth industries of the future are reflected in decisions by a number of leading contractors to invest in new, more modern equipment used in forest management and timber harvesting.

Notable recent sales have seen Wicklow-based contractor, Pat Doyle purchase a new Komatsu Forest model 901XC harvester with fellow contractors P.J.Hassett in Clare, Willie O’Dwyer in Kilkenny and Tony Codd of Millpond, Kilkenny all opting for Komatsu Forest forwarder models.

Used to haul felled timber to the forest edge for onward transport to sawmills, for Hassett the choice was an 845 model with O’Dwyer opting for an 835 model and Codd an 855 and 875 units.


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