Nearly three quarters of Irish adults believe technology will play key role in tackling climate change


Tuesday, 29 December 2020. Nearly three quarters (71%) of Irish adults believe new technologies such as 5G will play an important role in Ireland reducing its carbon emissions and tackling climate change, according to a study by Amárach Research.

The ‘5G Future’ report, completed by Amárach Research on behalf of Huawei Ireland, revealed that Irish adults recognise that energy needs to get ‘smart’ for Ireland to meet its ambitious climate policy targets.

The study found that seven in 10 Irish adults believe new technologies including 5G – the next generation mobile network that will and enable new previously out of reach applications and capabilities – will help Ireland to better manage energy resources into the future.  68% of people think Ireland will become a more energy independent country due to technology and 5G innovations.

Those surveyed outlined significant support and interest in adopting smart energy technology – the process of using devices for energy efficiency.  One in five Irish adults (19%) is already connected to a smart energy device in their home. As smart energy devices such as Google Nest, smart meters etc. become more widely available, 37% of consumers said they are likely to get one in the future, with only one in ten ruling it out entirely. The adoption of smart devices can be linked to gender and age as men and those aged over 44 were the most enthusiastic for potential smart energy connections, if they didn’t have one already.

Commenting on the findings, Gerard O’Neill, Chairman Amárach research said: “Irish adults can see a clear connection between sustainability, energy consumption, and the role of technology. The potential for a smart energy plan that will benefit both the nation and individuals is not lost on consumers. It is encouraging to see Irish adults support in changing their own behaviour to adopt smart energy devices as we tackle this societal issue.”

Tony Yangxhu, Chief Executive Officer, Huawei Ireland added: “This report demonstrates the wide-reaching impact of 5G innovations beyond faster network connections. Climate change is one of the most challenging issues facing society, and for 5G technology to potentially have a role in making Ireland more sustainable is truly exciting. Huawei is working with many countries across the globe to roll out 5G and we are committed to being part of Ireland’s roll out plan which will lead to a more sustainable nation.”


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