Statement from Brian Derham, Chair of Liquid Gas Ireland, following the publication of the Environmental Protection Agency’s annual report on air quality:


“The WHO considers air pollution to be the single largest environmental health risk in Europe, with heart disease and stroke the most common resulting conditions. According to the EPA’s new annual air quality report, there are 1,300 premature deaths in Ireland every year that can be attributed to air pollution.

“The report shows that air pollutants captured at 33 monitoring stations across the country were well above the WHO’s guideline values for health. This is the direct result of the use of traditional solid fuels for heating and transport.

“What this report does is highlight the urgent need for cleaner burning fuel alternatives, such as LPG and BioLPG, which can significantly reduce harmful emissions. LPG and BioLPG produce virtually no black carbon and very low levels of air and particulate pollutant emissions. A switch to LPG and BioLPG would have an immediate, lasting impact on regional air quality in Ireland.”


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