Vyta’s IT disposal secures R2 Responsible Recycling certification

  • As an R2 certified company, Vyta conforms to the highest industry standards for responsible recycling
  • Vyta invested €25,000 in the certification process to ensure its facility meets international standards
  • This makes Vyta the first Irish company to hold R2 as well as ADISA, the secure IT disposal certification

Dublin, 19th April 2021 – Vyta, Ireland’s leading secure IT recycling company, today announces it has earned an R2 certification for its Responsible Recycling Practices. R2 is a globally recognised standard that provides a common set of processes, safety measures, and documentation requirements for businesses that repair and recycle used electronics and technology devices such as laptops.

The certification is the result of exacting independent audits of Vyta’s facility, to ensure its operations meet the R2 standard and conform to a set of best management practices governing the environmental, health, safety, and security aspects of its IT recycling services.

Philip McMichael, CEO, Vyta says, “Achieving the R2 certification is a big win for us and the environment. It reinstates our commitment to sustainability, security, and compliance, it is also a step forward in our efforts to becoming carbon neutral. Even before we received the certification, we used to practice the best measures for safe and secure disposal of IT assets. The R2 certification provides an added layer of reassurance to our customers so they do have to spend time in re-auditing us.”

Vyta’s facility had to undergo a rigorous inspection to confirm that we correctly track all hazardous materials and certify our suppliers who process recycled material on our behalf.  The R2 Certification also audited how we test and process the re-useable products which are then repurposed for resale. The R2 certification proves that Vyta uses best practice, and its operations are fully auditable and compliant up to a recognisable standard. Vyta’s R2 Certification will now be fully re-audited every year.

In addition to the R2 certification, in 2018, Vyta also achieved the highest award, a Distinction with Honours, from the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA). Under GDPR legislation, organisations are required to ensure secure disposal of their old IT equipment and that any data contained on devices is destroyed. Having earned both certifications makes Vyta the only Irish company to achieve both standards.


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