Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit goes ahead this year against the odds…and it’s going global!


This year, more than ever, the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit is needed, so despite so many events being cancelled or postponed, organisers of the Summit were determined to make this one happen and have created a format for a live virtual event which will be engaging, interactive and most importantly, informative – against the backdrop of COVID-19.
Event Founder, Dearbhla Meaney said “We are aware of webinar fatigue across the board, so we wanted the Summit to stand out, to be the engaging, positive event it is and really give people something different to attend and interact with”. The Summit will be a LIVE event held behind closed doors, broadcast in high definition, meaning attendees can watch it from wherever they’re located, on their Smart TV, laptop, phone or any device with internet access.

Attendees will have access to the full Summit content for 10 days, so if you can’t watch it live you can play back any sessions you missed or want to watch again.

Organisers have put a comprehensive schedule in place to cover as many topics as they can to help people cope with the new challenges we are all facing….and they’ve done it with a pretty impressive line-up of international and regional speakers.

Who: Deepak Chopra MD, Brent Pope, (MC for the event), Professor Jim Lucey, St Patrick’s MHS; Dr Colman Noctor, Caroline Casey, The Valuable 500; Niamh Fitzpatrick; Oisin Scollard, founder Turn 2 Me; Dr Pat McKeon, founder Aware and many more.

What: Official launch of the “Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit” 2020
Where: Virtual
When: Monday 12th October 2020 – Mental Health Awareness Week.
Now in its fifth year, the “Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit” has established itself as the biggest and most genuine Mental Health information event on the calendar of Employers, Educators, Sporting and Medical professionals and the general public from all over Ireland and abroad. With the summit moving to a Virtual format this year, it opens it up to a much wider audience, increasing the reach of people who can be helped by accessing this information.

Professor Jim Lucey, Consultant Psychiatrist, St Patrick’s MHS and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, TCD who has been involved with the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit from the start today added…

“We are in a time of Pandemic, COVID-19 has meant that we can’t come together as we normally would, supporting each other in person, now we must use the web to create an event that addresses Ireland’s largest unmet need but in doing so this way, the opportunity presents itself to go global with our message. This is a concern which is everyone’s, not just for now, but for every day. This is a time to turn awareness of our mental wellbeing into action for our mental health…we can do this, but we need to learn from each other. And so, the Summit presents a wonderful opportunity for people in all areas, as consumers and providers, those who are genuinely interested in this important topic to come together and really get to grips with the most important agenda of our time… our mental health and wellbeing.”

This Summit delivers genuine information in a positive and relatable manner to help attendees implement impactful changes to their lives.
Topics will all be discussed against a backdrop of COVID-19 and include:

• Managing Anxiety
• Workplace Wellbeing
• Back to School – Support for Teachers in the classroom
• Brain & Gut Health
• Positive Thinking – A Practical Approach
• Youth Mental Health
• Emotional Eating
• Suicide Prevention
• Coping with Bereavement

Special performances by “House of Swag Kids” as seen on Britan’s Got Talent and Children’s One Voice Choir from Utah, as seen on America’s Got Talent.

This year the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit is kindly supported by Irish Life Health and Cornmarket Insurance.

Ivan Ahern, Director of Cornmarket at today’s launch said, “On average we see up to 25% of disability claims in our union/employer endorsed Public Sector Income Protection Schemes related to Mental Health conditions. In partnership with clinical experts and well known charities we are developing a Mental Health Wellness initiative which will hopefully help our customers. Partnering with the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit this year, aligns us more closely with the support we want to provide our clients. We know we can’t solve the problems but we can help remove any stigma by supporting events such as this and opening up the conversation across all sectors”.

The “Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit” will take place on 12th October and is open to everyone to attend.

Tickets and full schedule available on:


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