Taoiseach marks Irish Presidency of International Transport Forum.


The International Transport Forum acts as a platform for the discussion and pre-negotiation of transport policy issues at an intergovernmental level. The Irish presidency is being led by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

Speaking at the event, the Taoiseach said:

In Ireland, we have an ambitious vision to transform our transport and infrastructure.  With Project Ireland 2040 we are linking spatial planning and capital investment together for the first time in our history in a meaningful way. We are investing in new roads, public transport and in improving our ports and airports, all part of a €116 billion plan to ensure the future development and prosperity of all parts of our country.

We are spending twice as much on new public and sustainable transport as on roads.  While there are major new roads projects – much needed for our long-term prosperity – the vast majority of spend is in public transport.  In a country like ours, with a dispersed settlement pattern, public transport has been too long the weaker sibling, but that has changed since I became Taoiseach.

We are investing in MetroLink, a high-capacity and high-frequency rail line, which will connect all major transport options in Dublin including the airport. Our ambition is to create fully integrated public transport in the Greater Dublin Area.

Much has changed since Ireland last held the ITF presidency in 2006.  We are now more aware of the global challenge of climate change, and so our plans for future growth and development reflects this. We are working to achieve a greener, more prosperous, more sustainable and safer future by investing €8.6 billion in sustainable transport to help us substantially reduce our greenhouse gas emissions between now and 2030.


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