The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland hosting webinar entitled ‘#InfluencerMarketing in 2021 and beyond – retaining trust through transparency’

  • Free webinar will take place Tuesday, 23rd February 2021 from 11am to 12.15pm
  • Panellists include Louise McSharry, RTE Broadcaster, Darren Kennedy, TV Presenter & Entrepreneur, ASAI, CCPC, and more

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland is hosting a webinar on Influencer Marketing that will discuss the future of the industry, what opportunities lie ahead for influencers and brands and how maintaining trust through transparency is key to influencer marketing success in 2021 and beyond. The discussion will also feature new research into Influencer Marketing conducted by the ASAI. The free webinar will take place on Tuesday, 23rd February at 11:00am with a panel of experts offering a range of insights, as well as answering questions from attendees.

The event will be of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about advertising best practice in the Influencer Marketing space and will ensure all relevant parties are equipped with the knowledge and resources to correctly identify commercial marketing content across their platforms.

Those taking part are:

·        Louise McSharry, RTE 2FM presenter, will moderate the discussion

·        Darren Kennedy, TV Presenter, Stylist and Fashion Journalist, will talk about his experience as an influencer in Ireland

·        Dael Wood, Strategic Consulting Director, Dentsu, will give an overview of the research results

·        Orla Twomey, CEO of the ASAI, will discuss the organisation’s ongoing work in the influencer marketing space and its updated Guidance Note on influencers

·        Scott Guthrie, UK based Influencer Marketing Advisor, will discuss the evolution and future of influencer marketing in his marketplace

·        Hayley Browning, Corporate Communications Manager with the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), will provide an overview on consumer protection laws and misleading information

·        A Q&A discussion will also take place

To find out more, or to reserve your space on the webinar, please visit:

The Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland is financed by the advertising industry and committed, in the public interest, to promoting the highest standards of marketing communications that is advertising, promotional marketing and direct marketing. The objective is to ensure that all commercial marketing communications are ‘legal, decent, honest and truthful’.

The Code covers commercial marketing communications and sales promotions in all media in Ireland including digital (online banners, websites and social platforms), print, outdoor, radio, TV, leaflets/brochures, and direct marketing.

Further information on advertising self-regulation, the ASAI and the operation

of the system is available at


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