Liberty Insurance launches new Christmas campaign ‘Never Far Away Despite the Distance’

  • New Liberty video series celebrates all its stakeholders across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Portugal and Spain who stayed close despite the distance during 2020.
  • The campaign consists of two video series, one starring Liberty’s employees across Europe, sharing their experiences of this year like no other.
  • The second video series was inspired by real events and stories experienced by Liberty’s employees and partners this year.

Dublin, 18 December 2020.

Liberty Insurance has launched an emotive Christmas campaign for its more than 6,200 brokers and 2,000 employees in Europe (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain and Portugal). The campaign consists of a video series recognizing the resilience, comradery, and togetherness of the Liberty community throughout 2020. The video series will be published on a dedicated website later today and the videos will be shared across Liberty’s channels over the Christmas period. 

The campaign (see demonstrates, through anecdotes and real stories told by Liberty employees, the closeness and ‘soul’ of a company that, in a difficult 2020, has been able to adapt to the new normality by working 100% remotely. The campaign aims to demonstrate that, despite these challenging circumstances, closeness prevails in Liberty.

The video series highlights the real stories of employees, customers and brokers, such as Mari Carmen Muñoz’s initiative “Not A Single Senior Alone”.  This initiative involved Muñoz making sure to keep regular phone contact with the elderly people in her own network of family and friends and encouraging her colleagues to do the same.

The series also showcases the measures put in place by Liberty at the outset of Covid-19 to support their employees through this challenging time. This includes remote working allowances to help staff adapt to the demands of working from home, online yoga classes, virtual cafés and even a remote summer party, as well as remote fundraising activities, including a virtual 10k race in place of the ‘Liberty Race’ which usually takes place every year in Madrid to raise funds for people with functional disabilities. 

Ambassadors of brand identity and values

As part of the campaign, 20 Liberty employees from across Europe were nominated as Liberty influencers for a day. Amongst this group of 20 was representatives from Liberty’s offices Blanchardstown, Cavan and Enniskillen.  As part of this initiative, they were asked to share their experiences of 2020 and discuss via video, the internal events, activities or gestures that had the biggest impact on them over the last 12 months.  

“At the end of this difficult year, we wanted to pay tribute to all our colleagues by highlighting the experiences of a selection of our colleagues, which reflect the thousands of stories that have moved us and brought us together in 2020. Stories that reflect the identity and values of a company that adapts and looks to the future, with the vision of revolutionizing the insurance business, and a commitment to always putting people first”, said Beatriz Ortega, Liberty’s Employee Experience Manager for Europe.

According to Mr Ortega: “Through these employee testimonials, the initiative reflects some of the values that have emerged over the course of this complex year: Empathy, Solidarity, Resilience and Closeness, all of which embody Liberty’s identity and values at a global level.

“In the current context of unprecedented uncertainty, Liberty is committed to “safeguarding” its most valuable asset: its employees.  This means providing employees with the necessary day to day supports to excel in their roles, but also ensuring that they can look to the future with confidence and ambition. Central to this is Liberty’s commitment to innovation.  To this end, Liberty is committed to building on its 108 years of expertise in the insurance industry and positioning ourselves as a market leader, both globally and locally, in our commitment to innovation and technology, and challenging the current market norms.”


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