Wholesale Price Index.


October 2019

 Price index (Year 2015 = 100)% monthly change% annual change
Aug 201994.40.3%-4.4%
Sep 201994.80.4%-1.7%
Oct 201986.7-8.5%-3.9%

Annual Manufacturing Prices decrease by 3.9% in October

Figure 1 - Manufacturing Industries Output Price Index

Monthly factory gate prices decreased by 8.5% in October 2019. This compares to a decrease of 6.4% for October of last year. The annual percentage change showed a decrease of 3.9% in October 2019, compared to a decrease of 1.7% in the year to September 2019.  See graph across and table 1.

In the month, the price index for export sales decreased by 9.0%, while the index for home sales decreased by 0.2%. In the year there was a decrease of 4.1% in the price index for export sales (this can be influenced by currency fluctuations) and an increase of 1.4% in respect of the price index for home sales.  See table 2 and Figure 2.Jan 2015Jan 2016Jan 2017Jan 2018Jan 2019Source: CSO IrelandFigure 2 – Manufacturing Industries: Output Price Indices for Home and Export Sales
(Base: Year 2015 = 100)HomeExport859095100105110Index

 Show Table 1 Manufacturing Industries Output Price Indices (excluding VAT) Show Table 2 Industrial Producer Price Indices (excluding VAT) Show Table 2A Contribution to changes in the Manufacturing Output Price Index, October 2019 (Table 2) Show Table 3 Detailed Wholesale Price Indices (excluding VAT) for Building and Construction Materials Show Table 4 Capital Goods Price Indices (excluding VAT) Show Table 5 Wholesale Price Indices (excluding VAT) for Energy Products (i.e. Fuels purchased by Manufacturing Industry) Show Background Notes


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