Bubble over with excitement for new Aero Dark & Milk!

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  • Aero Dark & Milk contains 51% cocoa solids and 9% milk solids for deliciously rich and smooth, melt in your mouth bubbles

Thursday 28th January 2021: Nestlé today announces an exciting new addition to its Aero range – Aero Dark & Milk. Made with 51% cocoa solids and 9% milk solids, Aero Dark & Milk is a deliciously rich way to enjoy the brand’s famous chocolatey bubbles.

Aero is one of  Ireland’s fastest growing Top 20 confectionery brands,* while dark chocolate is enjoying a surge in sales after becoming increasingly popular with consumers in recent years.

Available in a 90g sharing bar, Aero Dark & Milk will be available in major retailers and convenience shops. An Aero Dark & Milk Peppermint sharing bar will be available as an exclusive in Tesco stores.

Maria McKenna, Confectionery Marketing Manager, Nestlé Ireland  said: “Aero Dark and Milk has a higher percentage of cocoa solids than standard Aero chocolate, which makes it ideal for those who are looking for a more intense, grown-up flavour. At the same time, it retains the creamy taste elements you would find in milk chocolate, which means there is no bitterness.

“More shoppers than ever are seeking out the stronger flavour notes of dark chocolate, but we know that some people can find the taste overpowering. We have combined cocoa and milk solids to produce rich and smooth chocolatey bubbles that melt effortlessly in your mouth – and we hope people will agree that the result is irresistible! Aero Dark & Milk is the perfect little lift for enjoying in precious moments of me-time, however brief they might be!”

In more good news for fans of the bubbly chocolate, Aero Caramel, which launched last year as a sharing bar, will soon be available in a multipack of 4 x 27g bars. The multipacks will be available in a range of supermarkets nationwide.

McKenna added: “Aero Caramel has become a firm favourite and we are delighted to introduce this new multipack format, which offers shoppers more choice and convenience.”

Aero was first launched in 1935 as a peppermint-flavoured chocolate bar and this was followed by the milk chocolate format in the 1970s. Aero Bubbles were introduced in 2005 and in 2019, Nestlé introduced Aero Bliss, a new premium version of Aero, which comes as indulgent boxed chocolates that are perfect for sharing.


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