Food Safety & Food Authenticity – it’s your Business! Food Forum 2019.


Minister Michael Creed today welcomes the holding of a Food safety & Food Authenticity (FSFA) Forum in Backweston. The FSFA strategy which was launched by Minister Creed in July 2018 aims to ensure that the Department has an effective and efficient harmonised and co-ordinated framework for the organisation of all activities including official controls on food safety and authenticity that supports the DAFM objective of excellence of policy, strategy and operations.

Minister Creed stated ‘Food safety and authenticity is a core area of the work of this Department, and it underpins the commitment we give to our consumers at home and abroad. Promoting and safeguarding public health is a strategic priority for my Department.”

Minister Creed continued ‘’My Department, the Department of Health, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), HSE, SFPA and Local Authorities work together, through direct and indirect oversight, to give the necessary assurances in relation to the safety and authenticity of Irish food products.”

The FSFA Strategy supports the fostering of collaboration among stakeholders, and the FSFA Forum gives an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with DAFM on the implementation of the Strategy. The Food Forum will provide updates on the delivery of this important work which deals with Strategic Communications, Risk, Contingency Planning, Harmonisation of Official Controls, Data Capture and Analysis, Policy and Compliance and Training and Development in the area of Food Authenticity and share experiences of sister agencies.


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