Pest Pulse partners with LEON for Ireland franchise.


Pest Pulse, the world’s first technology led pest control company, has partnered with multi-award-winning restaurant chain LEON to deliver proactive pest control to its first store in Ireland, with a further 19 to follow within five years.

LEON, founded in 2004 by John Vincent, Henry Dimbleby and chef Allegra McEvedy, has 70 locations across the UK, Europe and the United States, and continues to invest in new stores as its popularity and share of the global fast food market increases. The company prides itself on serving food that both tastes good and does you good: ‘Naturally Fast Food’.

In May 2019, LEON opened its first store in Ireland, in the vibrant riverside neighbourhood Temple Bar. Temple Bar is the first of 20 restaurants comprising the LEON Ireland franchise, with the remaining 19 all due to open in the next five years, boosting the Irish economy by creating 600 new jobs and recreating the UK menu with Irish suppliers.

With the threat of pests posing one of the major challenges across food related industries, LEON wanted to take a proactive approach to pest control in the planning and development of its Temple Bar store and enlisted Pest Pulse as their partner across the full franchise.

Pest Pulse uses cutting edge, first-to-market technology to help businesses maintain pest free environments in reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly ways. Its risk-based solution was able to cater to LEON’s specific challenges around the new store’s position beside both a river and a building site, in a notorious tourist hotspot with late-night bars and takeaways – making it a particularly high-risk store.

Pest Pulse consulted throughout the pre- and post-build process, delivering a robust pest control solution that filled LEON’s management team with confidence.

After carrying out site surveys and making the appropriate recommendations, Pest Pulse delivered its strategically positioned smart traps to enable 24/7 monitoring of LEON’s Temple Bar restaurant. LEON and Pest Pulse can both view real-time analytics via cloud-based software and will receive notifications as soon as a trap is activated, so technicians can investigate and execute corrective actions before an infestation happens.

Donna Doyle, Director of Operations at LEON Ireland, said: “Pest control is crucial for any restaurant business – and it’s about much more than just being compliant. LEON is still an emerging brand and we care about sustainability, about our brand, and about our people and customers. LEON Ireland is brand new – and we wanted to work with partners that share our values, understand the culture, and can grow with us. Pest Pulse ticks each of those boxes as well as demonstrating an innovative pest control solution that ensures we’re operating to the highest standards.

“I was intrigued to learn about the ‘world’s first technology-driven pest control company’ and met with co-founder Tim O’Toole. It was both the product and the person that sold Pest Pulse to LEON, with the unique capability to offer 24/7 monitoring that separated Pest Pulse from other pest control providers.

“Experience in the restaurant industry has taught me how devastating an infestation can be. Knowing LEON’s flagship restaurant in Ireland is being proactively monitored in real-time, with alerts set up to identify the threat of pests before it becomes a problem, helps set us apart.

“The experience of working with Pest Pulse has been like having an extension of our own team. Tim has made regular visits, reacted to changes, made valuable recommendations, and despite only having been open for six months, we’ve not had a single pest-related issue. We hope to continue working with Pest Pulse and grow together, as one restaurant becomes 20 for LEON in Ireland within the next five years.”

Tim O’Toole, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder of Pest Pulse, added: “We’re thrilled to be working with a popular and growing brand in LEON and its new Ireland franchise. We understand that a requirement for pest control is what gets Pest Pulse through the door – but it’s our unique, technology-led solution that fills people with confidence and enables us to build trusted partnerships with customers. As a high-growth start-up ourselves, we felt an immediate synergy with LEON Ireland as a new franchise, and we look forward to supporting LEON for years to come.”


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