Playing music in the ‘New Normal’ pubs

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The last few months have seen the hospitality industry having to revise its outlook on trading completely. So when they do re-open, what are the fundamental challenges & changes that would allow live music back into bars, clubs & other venues? In our second Drinks Industry Ireland podcast, we speak to PJ Kavanagh of Kavanagh’s Bar & Venue in Portlaoise which won the Music Pub of the Year at the Irish Pub awards last year, to Gary Monroe of Monroe’s Bar & Restaurant Venue in Galway  a National Music Venue of the Year & a twice-winner of the Connacht Music Venue of the Year, to musician Dave Browne – best-known as lead singer from two of Ireland’s best-known music bands PictureHouse and The Controversial Allstars – who’s toured the world with a host of international names and who’s also built up a reputation for powerful live shows at bars up and down the country and to Cathal Dolan of Gizagig which facilitates the booking of live bands in pubs, about the problems facing both publicans and musicians in returning to live music in a post-Covid-19 atmosphere.
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