Recipe for success – Food brand Rebel Chilli launches on eBay Ireland

  • Cork-based food brand joins after losing revenue to Covid-19 
  • Business reports vital sales growth since launching on eBay
  • Rebel Chilli to launch award-winning Korean BBQ sauce on global marketplace in bid to reach international customers

20 January 2021: Things are hotting up for Cork food company Rebel Chilli, which has reported an increase in online sales since joining eBay Ireland in October.

Rebel Chilli was founded by Paul Moore in 2014 when he started experimenting with hot sauce recipes in his mother’s kitchen. Six years on and Rebel Chilli has grown to become a nationwide brand, recognised for the quality of its product, with a number of prestigious awards under its belt. 

The Business Idea

Speaking about the brand’s inception, Paul Moore says: “Rebel Chilli’s beginnings came from a love of hot sauce and not being able to find any really good ones on the market. I was a student in UCC when I first started the business, studying Business Information Systems, but on my weekends, I would experiment in my mother’s kitchen trying to perfect the flavours of my hot sauce recipe. Not long after, I started selling the sauce at a local farmer’s market.”

“The brand has grown significantly since then and is now stocked in over 300 stores around Ireland. We supply both retail and the food service industry and have won multiple awards for our products, including a Blas na hÉireann Irish Food Award which we are very proud of.”

Rebel Chilli on eBay

Rebel Chilli joined eBay four months ago to increase brand exposure and reach new customers. Paul commented: “The food services industry has been severely impacted by the pandemic, which has had a knock-on effect on our sales; we have essentially lost that side of the business since the restaurants were forced to shut. To counteract that and reach a new customer base, we decided to focus on online in order to maintain the business and sales. 

“We have our own online store, but eBay has proven to be a valuable tool in complementing what we already have, as consumers often stumble upon the Rebel Chilli brand while browsing eBay for other goods. Being on has meant additional sales and our online presence is continually growing. We opened our eBay storefront in October, but we are already seeing positive results which we will be expanding on in the coming months.”

Rebel Chilli has seven products in its range all of which are created using natural ingredients that do not use any additives or preservatives –a fact that makes that brand stand out from competitors. Rebel Chilli’s most popular products are Red Chilli sauce, Jalapeno and Raspberry jam and Barrel Aged Hot Sauce.

The brand will launch its award-winning Korean BBQ sauce on in the coming weeks, a key move that will take the product to an international market. The product recently won gold at the Blas na hÉireann Irish Food Awards.

About eBay:

eBay was the first online marketplace. Today, it is a household name. A regular feature in lists of best-loved brands, it connects millions of buyers and sellers, helping customers to find the item they’re looking for from its 1.3 billion listings. 

With 182 million buyers in 190 markets, trade is fast. This incredible interest directly benefits the small businesses that trade on eBay, giving them access to an audience once unthinkable for a small shop on the high street. Throughout its history, eBay has helped many thousands of small businesses to succeed.


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