Search To Find ‘Ireland’s Best Banana Bread’ Launched


Celebrity chef Donal Skehan and Fyffes join forces to find the many ways to bake this favourite food.

With home baking now firmly viewed as something of a national pastime, celebrity baker and chef, Donal Skehan has come together with Fyffes to find Ireland’s ‘best banana bread’ recipe.

Alongside gardening and redecorating our homes, baking has been one of the most popular activities enjoyed by mums, dads and children in recent times, with banana bread topping the list of favourites in most households.

Citing the purpose behind the venture, Skehan said: “There are as many different ways of baking banana bread as there are of enjoying the banana itself! We are now a nation of banana bread experts – it’s practically a national dish – and it’s time to put those baking skills to the test. Our aim is to capture as many ideas, ingredients and methods and to share them far and wide.” 

Entries are open from July 20th-27th, with winners to be announced on July 31st. Reward will go to the overall winner and best junior baker, with recognition also given for originality in a number of other areas.

Commenting, Fyffes marketing manager, Emma Hunt-Duffy said: “Our ‘Great Banana Bread Bake Off’ is to show how imaginative our home bakers are when it comes to creating both new and traditional recipes. 

“In recent months, banana bread was amongst the top searched-for recipe online, and we now want to see everyone’s best creations. With lots of categories, we are looking forward to seeing some interesting new entries,” Ms. Hunt-Duffy added.

Details online at #FyffesGBBBO


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