Ireland is revealed as the 2nd best European country to start a business


Ireland is revealed as the 2nd best European country to start a business, in research by Tide. 
The study looked at national performance indicators for 28 European countries, including GDP, unemployment rate and the practicalities of starting a company to reveal the best European countries to start a business. 
You can view the research in full here:
Top 10 European countries to start a business 

RankCountryGDP 2019Unemployment rateTime required to start a business (days)New business densityEase of doing business score (/100)Gender pay gap (%)

The UK was named the best European country to start a business thanks to the country’s large economy, low unemployment rate, and ease to start and run a business. The UK also has the lowest costs associated with starting a business (tied with Slovenia). Ireland is another top contender, pairing its strong economy with reasonable tax rates and ease of starting and running a business. Followed closely by the Netherlands in third place, thanks to a combination of its high market capitalisation, simplicity of starting a company, and very low unemployment rate. The biggest surprise at the top of our table is Estonia, which landed in fifth place after a strong showing in many different categories, including the ease of doing business. Estonia is the first place to offer e-Residency which means that anyone can base their business and finances in the country – potentially causing the influx of new businesses being created there. Further insights:

  • Luxembourg has the narrowest gender pay gap out of all of the countries the study looked at
  • Germany is the leader in the GDP category, which means they have a bigger economy with more activity. This could make a great place to run your business, as it may provide a larger potential market for your business
  • Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate

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