Minister Humphreys Discusses COVID-19 Contingency Preparations With The Grocery Retail Sector.


5 March 2020 The Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys T.D. met with retail representative bodies, large grocery retailers and retail distributors at the Department’s offices today to discuss their contingency plans for COVID-19.

Grocery retailers discussed how their businesses are preparing for COVID-19 to ensure the safety of their employees and to ensure continuation of business and food supply chains for their customers.

The meeting is part of the work of the Cabinet Subcommittee and ongoing wide stakeholders’ engagement across Government. Retailers and suppliers are continuing to work on their contingency plans and the Department will continue to engage with the sector on this matter.

Speaking after the meeting, the Minister said: “I am greatly encouraged by the preparations that retailers and suppliers are making to ensure that consumers have access to the range of grocery goods that they need. I am also assured that grocery supply chains are well stocked and there is ample supply to meet demand.

“Retailers and their suppliers are working on contingency plans and are following the public health advice provided by Government on a daily basis, so that health is prioritised for employees and consumers, and food supply chains can continue to function with minimal disruption.”

She added: “We are currently in a containment phase, but my focus and that of my Department and Agencies is on maintaining continuity of business for whatever event may unfold. In that light we need to ensure that we are all collectively preparing across the full range of potential scenarios.

“The engagement that I have had today with the grocery retailers and suppliers and retail representative bodies has been constructive and informative, and we will continue to engage over the coming days and weeks”


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