Employee wellness vital to saving WFH office culture – Glandore


Flexible workspace specialists Glandore recently launched their upgraded employee wellness programme, during a time when staff morale and mental health have never been more important with the recent announcement of level 5 restrictions.

Staff and member businesses across the country will yet again be working from home and Glandore have put together this programme to ensure they are going above and beyond to support their staff and members both now during this difficult time – and in the future. 

Speaking about the programme and the ethos behind its development, Glandore’s Head of Marketing Henry Daly said:

“We believe that every business needs the right environment to allow their employees to achieve their full potential. Glandore has developed a holistic approach to wellness as we know how every individual’s needs differ. We aim to empower our member businesses and their employees with our wellness programme that enhances their professional and personal lives, and with the aim of maximising overall business performance.

“The Glandore Wellness programme focuses on three main areas; Grow in Life, Grow in Body and Grow in Mind, delivered through exclusive webinars, on-site seminars, exercise classes and pamper days across our nine locations.

“Our wellness programme focuses on an in-depth discovery and learning journey for Glandore member businesses through hosting unique in-person and online (virtual) events for our members. A programme like this offers an extremely beneficial and positive opportunity for our member businesses and their staff. What makes it even better is that as a member of Glandore, it is included at no extra cost.

Through the programme, Glandore have hosted events such as yoga classes, nutritional 1:1’s, lunch and learns, fitness classes, virtual Pilates, wine tasting, business consultancy and meditation.

“This programme has become a way of not only supporting our members’ personal and business wellbeing but offering them a healthy opportunity to connect with others – something that’s never been as important as it is now. We take every opportunity to remind our members how important wellness is on a weekly basis with regular tips and quick and easy programmes to follow. We always keep up to date with what’s relevant and what is trending in the industry throughout the year so that we can tackle mental and physical health for all our members and staff,” Mr Daly added.

“Our aim is to focus our events on what our members might need in a given location. As well as the focus on mental and physical wellbeing, we have also added a number of initiatives focussing on business advisory and education. We offer fully tailored programmes to suit our members needs and we are always open to suggestions from our members. At the moment we recognise it’s a difficult time for everyone and we firmly believe that you can’t build a thriving office culture unless it starts from the ground up with the solid foundation of an employee wellness programme.”

Over the past number of years Glandore have hosted one to one consultations with nutritionist Rina Whyte, financial planning seminars with KPMG, AIB and consultants like Adrienne Smith, as well as  in-person and virtual fitness events, reflexology, meditation and networking events like wine tasting and lunch & learns. 

The company has committed to continuing their monthly calendar of events for members into the future as they say it “ensures that our member businesses and their employees can maximise the value of their membership with us. Glandore is not just office space, we are so much more than that, we are a community of like-minded businesses with a mission to grow, and  having a supportive network is one of the key aspects of keeping your business and employees well and operating at peak performance.

Mr Daly revealed the company had conducted some research to ask employees what they missed about the office whilst working from home.

“During the March lockdown, when working remotely was enforced – and has now been enforced again – we took the opportunity to ask a small number of people what they missed about being in the office. Feedback comments were similar throughout.

“The majority of people said they missed the comradery and everyday chit chat with their colleagues and a daily routine that the office provides, something that is hard to set at home. Even the basic exercise they achieved each day on their commute was something missed. Recent evidence indicates depression has increased and mental health has been more challenging in recent times, fuelled for some by working remotely.

“Remote working certainly has a beneficial place in the business world but unfortunately it cannot replace everything nor help create a meaningful office culture. Remember, you want your employees to work in a happy environment. If they are happy they will become more productive and work faster. This will give your business the competitive edge in its respective industry to sustain and increase growth.  This is the importance of a strong office culture – but what Is even more Important Is to have the support network and guidance In place for staff to thrive as the wellbeing programme has done.”


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