Health Passport Ireland pilot delivers ‘real-world’ success

  • COVID-19 virus detected by rapid tests amongst asymptomatic patients
  • Health Passport platform supporting COVID-19 testing undergoes pilot programme in nursing homes, education, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, and event sectors
  • Pilot programme has overseen thousands of free rapid tests as part of the real-world trial

Dublin, 29th October 2020 – An official summary report, submitted to the Department of Health and the HSE this morning, details phase one of the pilot trial of the new Health Passport Ireland digital platform developed by the ROQU Group. The report highlights the successful progression of the pilot which has been trialled across a range of real-world business and community settings highlighting the detection of the live presence of COVID-19 preventing further transmission.

Launched on August 28th, pilot participants include nursing homes, a school, businesses, a hotel, and residents of an entire village in Roscommon. Many thousands of rapid tests have been carried out to date.

The pilot programme set out to assess how clinically validated rapid testing systems can be used in tandem with mobile technology to develop a highly effective screening solution that will help to suppress the transmission of COVID-19 on a national level. The solution can help to mitigate the need for further lockdowns, protecting Irish society, economy, and jobs.

The trial coordinates the participation of clinical professionals, laboratory technicians, process engineers, infection control specialists, health and safety professionals and IT developers. In each case, pilot participants who are predominantly staff members, are invited to be tested weekly or fortnightly by the Health Passport Ireland clinical team. In all cases to date, participants being tested declared no symptoms and were asymptomatic.

“We’re pleased to report that the pilot programme has achieved tangible and successful results,” said Robert Quirke, President and CEO of ROQU Group.

“Specifically, the integration of validated rapid testing and mobile technologies, leading to the successful detection of live COVID-19 cases among several trial participants. Positive case detection allowed for immediate measures to be taken to prevent further transmission, preserving life, and helping businesses and communities to continue functioning normally, with hope on the horizon. The Health Passport mobile technology performed flawlessly, with test results being updated in real-time directly to participants mobile devices,” Robert added.

Positive detections show platform in action

During the trial, several positive detections of COVID-19 were confirmed using rapid testing technologies.

“In all cases of positive detections, the Health Passport system worked precisely in line with our aims and expectations delivering results to individuals in 15 minutes,” said Robert.

“The pilot programme has directly prevented further transmission of the virus and allowed the individuals to seek treatment at a much earlier stage of infection. This in turn has protected the participating groups from a potential outbreak, lessening the threat to life and reducing the strain on our public health system.”

“In the case of one of the nursing home trials, early positive detection directly prevented the virus from spreading amongst vulnerable residents which undoubtedly helped to prevent a potential loss of life,” Robert added.

“The results to date confirm the functionality and modelling that we have developed over the past number of months as being easily integrated across a wide range of industry sectors. Rapid testing in conjunction with secure mobile technology is now providing a real-world solution that allows for the highest levels of efficiency and speed in developing a national screening solution. It is a system that can protect both lives and jobs, allowing our society to move forward,” concluded Robert.

Health Passport Ireland works with all official and validated COVID-19 test types. Pilot partner participants opt in to be tested weekly or fortnightly. The ROQU Group are covering the costs of the trial programme.


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