Health Passport Ireland successfully completes 15-minute COVID-19 antigen test in live demonstration with HSE Digital Transformation


Health Passport Ireland successfully completes 15-minute COVID-19 antigen test in live demonstration with HSE Digital Transformation

Wednesday, October 9th, 2020 – The ROQU Group today announced significant progress in Ireland’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic by successfully completing a live demonstration of the very latest rapid antigen testing technology during the HSE’s Digital Academy Forum.

A first for Ireland, the test was performed live on-air with Prof. Martin Curley, Director of Digital Transformation and Open Innovation at the HSE. The results were generated within 15 minutes before the end of Prof. Curley’s presentation. Some of the leading minds from Ireland’s medical sectors had the opportunity to observe how the Health Passport Ireland digital platform works in harmony with rapid testing solutions, and allowed the audience to scan the mobile test results in real-time through the video screen. Prof. Curley’s Health Passport automatically transitioned to ‘low-risk’ status after he had testing negative.

Prof. Martin Curley stated: “The rapid antigen testing and the health passport system demonstration was very well received at the Forum.   It helps our understanding of the potential for how rapid screening and a health passport might in the future be able to support the national response to the pandemic and help reduce the impact on public health resources.”

Robert Quirke, CEO of ROQU Group, said: “A readily available, accurate and affordable screening solution is vital to help curtail the spread of COVID-19. Combining rapid testing with advanced digital technologies now means Ireland has all the tools it needs to help prevent level 5 restrictions being introduced. We must do all we can to protect the public health system and protect jobs and businesses also.  We are in final discussions with national partners to ensure affordable testing is quickly made available to people whenever and wherever they need it. This means that we can all get our lives back on track and help avoid additional restrictions. Solutions like this are already approved for use in German airports and Italian schools and Ireland needs to take the next step forward.”

Health Passport Ireland, engineered in Dublin, combines the latest digital technologies with official COVID-19 testing solutions. The platform works with all COVID-19 test types and can deliver results in as little as 15 minutes. The digital platform is considered a real solution for helping businesses and individuals to quickly minimise social and economic challenges related to COVID-19.  Launched in August, the Health Passport Ireland pilot trial is active across a wide range of usage industries including schools, nursing homes and businesses, with staff being tested on a weekly basis.


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