Irish Start-Up UVsanitise Is Trying To Revolutionise The Way We Sanitise In a Bid To Help Irish Business’ Reopen Safely:


Irish start-up UVsanitise aims to revolutionise the methods you’ve been using to sanitise your business and home. Their concept gives meaning to the term “out with the old, in with the new” and uses UVC technology to offer a more eco-friendly and cost-saving alternative to chemical cleaning.

How It Works:

Their products use UVC light rays to destroy the DNA & RNA of micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This damage renders them harmless as they are unable to reproduce and thus delivers completely safe and sanitised rooms and surfaces. UVC light disinfection is a concept that is foreign to most and one that will revolutionise the traditional methods of chemical cleaning. A method that unlike chemical cleaning products provides no waste, is eco-friendly and is thorough in its way of sanitisation.

UVC lights have been in use in hospitals and operating theatres for years as they are the fastest, safest and most thorough method of sanitisation. UVsanitise’s goal is to bring this technology to regular businesses and the general public by providing high-quality products which are environmentally-friendly, consumer-friendly and affordable.

Unlike chemical sprays and wipes, their products don’t damage or rust electrical appliances and the list of uses for their product line is endless. Their products can be effectively used by everyone from business owners looking to disinfect their shops, kitchens, gyms, keyboards, etc to homeowners looking to effectively disinfect their fridges, bathrooms, kitchens, ovens, cars or households. The added effect of their lamps is that UVC rays emitted from their room lamps destroy volatilised chemical compounds in the air neutralising any persistent odours.

Their pledge to protecting the environment:

UVsanitises pledge to maintain a healthy environment is paramount in the way they conduct business, their mission is simple but impactful. Aside from the fact that their products mitigate the need for environment polluting chemical cleaning compounds, they are making a conscious effort to dramatically reduce the single-use plastics traditionally used in the packaging and shipping of products. All of their packaging and marketing methods are done by using recyclable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. Everything from the bubble wrap they use to ship products, to their business cards is made using sustainably sourced biodegradable materials.

Their Product Line:

UVsanitise is currently offering 4 separate UVC sanitisation lamps aimed at differing uses.

Their largest lamp; UVC – 01, is capable of sanitising an area of 40m cubed. Aimed at larger workspaces like restaurant kitchens, offices, shops & gyms the UVC – 01 is a powerful tool to help your business open back up safely.

Their smaller lamp; UVC – 04 works off of the same principle however its compact design and portable capabilities makes it the perfect accessory for domestic, vehicle and even travelling use.

The UVC – 02 lamp is a handheld UVC device also designed to be portable. It is compact and battery-powered allowing you peace of mind while on the go.

Their final product, the UVC – 03 allows you to thoroughly sterilise every day “pocket items” such as your keys, phones, wallets, cash and anything else you can fit in the box. One thing they all have in common is the ease with which they work, simply turn them on and let them do their job.

To purchase UVsanitise products both for business or residential use you can visit their website at


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