Kildare company ProSkill on fogging disinfection as a tool against COVID-19


The company elaborates its work process

KILDARE — From COVID-19’s start, fogging disinfection services have been pictured on television screens, and across front-page news. If you don’t happen to recognize the process by the name alone, you would by the image: employees dressed head to toe in PPE gear, fogger machine in hand, disinfecting room by room.

The process was once relegated to hospitals. It is now ballooning in popularity as a COVID-19 prevention tool in mid- to small-sized businesses across Ireland. One of Ireland’s fogging disinfection businesses is ProSkill, based out of Kildare. Its services are effective against viruses, with an ability to attack the outer wrapping of the virus.

“In other words,” said ProSkill General Manager Dan Nistor, “We fight the pandemic.”

The company started up in August of 2020, just prior to the deluge of Ireland’s second wave.

Many in Ireland may be unfamiliar with fogging disinfection. Nistor said he understands that people may feel at-first cautious. However, he cited the success of the service in tamping down on the virus in Wuhan, China.

“They were using foggers in any area possible,” he said. “So from nearly 7,000 cases a day in February 2020 to 20 a day in November 2020, it’s a big difference. They used the technology as a tool in their favor and they’re on the right path.”

Fogging disinfection is being used to clean areas ranging from residences to cars.
(Credit: M. Buonarroti)

As a fogging disinfection company, it carries out a hospital-grade cleaning procedure. The process involves cleaning the designated area, followed by fogging it with a mist of 5-50 microns.

To lend a picture to the scope of the process, microns are an incredibly small unit of measurement. One micron by itself is invisible to the naked eye, and they’re more commonly referenced in explaining how water filtration systems work.

No matter the size of the space or business, fogging disinfection looks a bit like this:

  1. The disinfection team dons 3M Biohazard Masks, goggles, disposable gloves, disposable overshoes and a full coverall.
  2. The team wipes down all high-touchpoint surfaces, ranging from doorknobs to remote controls.
  3. The team proceeds with a disinfection, using the fogger machine. This step is fairly swift, and after one hour of drying, the area is safe to return to.

Since the start of the pandemic, many mainstreet businesses may be confronting atmospheres of caution and mistrust as customers act with due precaution. Nistor added he likes to give businesses a certificate acknowledging the procedure, along with a sticker for their front door. He said the signs of frequent disinfection give customers and employees peace of mind. It allows them to move around the space knowing surfaces are safe to touch, and that the business takes an active approach to safety. 

“Let’s say you have a small coffee shop and your customers see the sticker we provided on your door,” he said. “On the other side of the street is the competition that chose not to disinfect their space. Where do you think your customer will go to buy their coffee the next day?”

ProSkill covers the Leinster area of the headquarters, from the town of Kildare. For bigger fogging disinfection jobs, the company is capable of traveling nationwide. ProSkill is planning to expand to County Cork by Jan. 1.

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