OKTO Technologies to expand Irish services as demand for Wellness & Smart Building Technologies skyrockets


NI company confirms numerous Irish schools expressing interest in OKTO Wellness and Air Filtration technologies following re-opening

9th March 2021: OKTO Technologies, the Northern Irish company who specialise in Wellness and Smart Building Technology have announced they will open a Dublin office as part of plans to expand their services in the Republic of Ireland.

The company has distinguished itself both nationally and internationally for delivering best-in-class smart building technology solutions and expanded its offering earlier this year with the launch of OKTOair and a new Wellness Division.

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OKTO are responsible for bringing an advanced air filtration system to the UK and Ireland which removes COVID-19 size particles from the air within minutes and will be opening a Dublin office as demand for OKTOair Wellness and Smart Building services grows in the Republic of Ireland.

The company has said it has already received strong interest from numerous schools across the country following the phased reopening of classrooms last week. Unlike any other system of its kind, it’s fully scalable for buildings up to 1million sq ft and uses less energy than a lightbulb. An investment of less than 20cents per child per day in a typical classroom.

The OKTOair Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) removes 99.99 percent of all airborne particulates including harmful contagions, allergens and pathogens.  

Offering unique solutions from 500 to 1 mil sq ft, OKTO create bespoke wellness solutions for all sectors including education, offices, hospitality, healthcare, business, retail and event spaces and have confirmed they intend to assist the same sectors across the Republic of Ireland.

Philip Dowds, Managing Director of OKTO Technologies. The company will open their first office in the Republic of Ireland in April as a result of a surge and business growth and demand for their service offerings. To make an enquiry about their bespoke custom-made services and smart solutions visit oktoair.com and www.oktotechnologies.co.uk

OKTO have confirmed the Dublin office will open in late April as part of a wider expansion of the company which will see 20 new jobs created as a direct result of a surge in business growth and an expansion in their service offerings.

The company fast-tracked the development of their OKTOair filtration system and expanded their Wellness Solutions as a direct response to the global pandemic.

OKTOair monitors and maintains the air quality of indoor environments, Artificial Intelligence technology determines how best to manage the air to attain ideal conditions, automatically ventilating the air and also shows detailed information on intuitive dashboards which enables users the ability to view and monitor the air quality surrounding them – so they can see the quality of the air they are breathing.

The DFS systems quickly gathered increased interest in both the UK and America since most recent testing due to the pandemic proved fast efficient removal of particles smaller than COVID, with large scale office buildings, schools, airports, hotels all opting to create their own bespoke air filtration systems to ensure the safety of their staff, customers and pupils. 

These are being installed in over 60,000 schools across the US including both New York and Chicago districts and OKTO have teamed up with HealthWay to supply their air filters in in the UK. Unique to OKTO in the UK & Ireland, means that no other company can offer the DFS technology solutions over here.  

This pioneering technology led to a surge in demand for OKTOair Wellness solutions, products and services since its launch in September last year and the growth in projects which led to the company requiring additional staff.

The company hopes the Dublin office will allow them to support and assist Irish businesses and public and private enterprises with their Smart Building solutions and those seeking Wellness solutions and improved air quality for return to schools, offices and as businesses and events resume enabling them to offer a safer, cleaner environment to do so.  

Philip Dowds, Managing Director of OKTO Technologies said:  

“We are excited about having our first Dublin office and are very keen to help and assist Irish businesses and public bodies in the same way we have assisted our UK clients to provide a safer working environment as we look to return to a more normal working environment. Our additional technologies as part of our OKTOair Wellness Suite will also greatly assist with this transition to a safer, healthier workspace, with social distancing measures easily implemented through our touchless control offerings. The added value of our monitoring means you can control and see at a glance, information on live data and the quality of the air you are breathing.

“It is technology such as this, which facilitates and prioritises the public’s health and wellbeing, that will help to speed up the reopening of society and we very much look forward to a wide variety of sectors across the Republic of Ireland benefitting from our Wellness and Smart Building product range.” Mr Dowds added.  

The company’s recently launched Wellness Suite can offer businesses, corporate clients and State-owned bodies like schools and hospitals a wide range of intelligent solutions to help them get back to work in a safe, clean environment, in addition to improving productivity levels and physical and mental wellbeing.

Other available options within OKTO Technology’s Wellbeing Division include:  

  • Air Filtration, Monitoring & Control 
  • OKTOair Human Centric Lighting  
  •  OKTOair Window Treatments/Shading Solutions  
  • OKTOair Touchless Control
  • OKTOair Social Distancing Management 
  • OKTOair Water Filtration   

**Please note that the OKTO Technologies Republic of Ireland website will launch in conjunction with the Dublin office opening in late April, however, for further information relating to OKTO Technologies, OKTOair and their Wellness Division or to make an enquiry about their bespoke custom made services and smart solutions, visit oktoair.com and www.oktotechnologies.co.uk  


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