Reliance Ozone (Reliance O3) Launches Intelligent Portable Ozone Room Disinfection and Sanitisation System to Help Strengthen Pandemic Response Plan


The Irish-based company Reliance Ozone has released the Reliance O3, a portable intelligent room disinfection and sanitisation system that helps eliminate viruses and other types of pathogen.

Galway, IE – After spending over six months of development and rigorous testing, Reliance Ozone is delighted to announce the launch of its newest product, the Reliance O3 Ozone Generator, a unique commercial intelligent portable room disinfection and sanitisation system based on ozone with an exclusive ‘shock to safe’ system.

To halt the spread of the virus in the ongoing pandemic, there is a constant need to disinfect rooms in hospitals, schools, offices, nursing homes, sporting facilities and even your own home.

The Reliance O3’s unique design was developed to provide a high concentration of ozone in a room to produce a shock effect that destroys bacteria, viruses and odours. It generates ozone for disinfection and then deactivates it, leaving the disinfected sites ready for immediate use.

How the Reliance O3 differs from other disinfection and sanitisation systems

The Reliance O3 has a built-in sensor to check the ozone levels. The LED warning and audio alert system ensures that people stay clear of the room until it is safe to enter because the ozone has reached a safe level or sufficient time has elapsed.

This portable intelligent room disinfection and sanitisation system based on ozone was designed and built in Ireland using our in-house expertise. It is the most effective, intelligent, safe and reliable ozone generator on the market, and retails at a price that makes it accessible for all.

Reliance O3 for Resellers

According to Reliance Ozone CEO, Anthony Tobin, Reliance O3 has just started engaging with potential resellers.

“In the coming months, Reliance Ozone will bring to market not only the Reliance O3 but also several other products. We are now engaging with potential resellers and agents worldwide.”

Tobin and his team are currently creating a network of partners throughout the world. He encourages those who are interested to contact them through the company’s website.

He further shared that the Reliance O3 has been in development and testing since March 2020. After its launch in September 2020, it has had a phenomenally positive response.

About Reliance Ozone

Reliance Ozone is based in Galway, Ireland, and is a member of the European Ozone Trade Association. Its Reliance O3 portable ozone room disinfection and sanitisation system has a worldwide patent pending.


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