Tyndall CEO, Prof William Scanlon, Speaks About Our Response To COVID-19


We are living in extraordinary times where we are asked to behave in unexpected ways in response to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. The wellbeing of our Tyndall community (our staff, students, collaborators, partners and the many others who support our work) is paramount.

In the fight against COVID-19 we are fully following the guidelines of the Irish Government and like many communities, the world over, have transitioned to working from home.

We are maximising research which can be done remotely and our talented researchers and staff remain safe. We are fortunate that we can continue with much of our leading deep-tech research and innovation work while in this ‘new normal’.

Meanwhile, colleagues across Tyndall and its partners are urgently working to develop solutions that focus on countermeasures and innovative technology that can have a rapid demonstrable impact on COVID-19.

Researchers in the fields of IT systems, Biophotonics, wearable sensors, point of care diagnostic systems, and state of the art 3D printing are currently actively involved in multi-sector clinical collaborations. In addition colleagues with appropriate expertise are deployed in frontline healthcare and fully engaged in national and international research efforts to effectively respond to COVID-19 to mitigate its impact.

One of our many strengths is our strong relationships with a wide range of industry partners, from multinationals through SMEs and start-ups. We are working closely with these enterprises to establish powerful ecosystems that connect researchers, clinicians and medical device designers with volume manufacturers and supply chains to expedite the sharing of knowledge and expertise in the fight against COVID-19.

Staying connected and generously sharing expertise and resources, represents the best opportunity for us to flourish as a community. Tyndall, as a public-sector funded organisation, is deeply dedicated to maintaining progress in our research and delivering impact from excellence. This commitment is the best way we can help Ireland recover from the societal and economic challenges of COVID-19 and ready us to continue to thrive as an equal partner internationally.

I want to thank you all for working and standing together as we face both personal and professional challenges. By helping each other and by staying connected we can continue to do great things together.

Please stay safe and stay connected,

Prof William Scanlon, CEO, Tyndall National institute


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