Webmill leads the remote working charge as economy re-opens


As the Irish economy begins to re-open, businesses and their staff are left to consider the new-found value of having removed the dreaded commute. Unfortunately for many, working from home has proved extremely challenging with a myriad of issues from children under feet, poor broadband and indeed losing the professional and social aspect of working amongst your fellow professionals.

One solution that many businesses and employees are now considering are co-working spaces, which have become so prevalent throughout the country in recent years, following a trend that has been particularly successful in the United States.

One such co-working space is the MDA (Mountmellick Development Association) Webmill in Mountmellick, County Laois. The MDA Webmill boasts a modern facility with state-of-the-art broadband, desk-space and shared facilities that is maintained to comply with current public health guidelines. And indeed with current social distancing restrictions in place, the facility is happy to boast the fact that all of its desks are 2m+ apart from each other.

Paddy Buggy, Webmill Manager said,
“At such an unprecedented time for Irish employees, we are delighted to be able to have a facility that not only supports all of their remote working needs, but that is also fully compliant. As a new facility we are quickly attracting clients from a range of disciplines from Technical Support Engineers, Graphic Designers, Financial Services, Sales and Administration. Given the advantages Webmill has over working from home, we’ve also seen a dramatic increase in larger companies enquiring about locating some of their staff in our co-working space. Remote working is the new face of working in Ireland. Current research also shows that co-working hubs are more relevant and suitable in the current employment market than ever before. This pandemic has shown that working can be done differently with all the associated productivity, efficiency and output.  There are networking opportunities for both business and people which are not available when working from home. There is always someone available to help if needs be and working from hubs gives great structure to ones working life along with an excellent work life balance”. 

Webmill is a modern co-working space that complies with all current public health guidelines. To register your interest, or to make an enquiry, contact Webmill today through www.webmill.ie or by emailing Centre Manager Paddy Buggy to paddybuggy@mountmellickdevelopment.com


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