Law Society of Ireland congratulates first solicitors to be appointed Senior Counsel


The Law Society of Ireland extends warm congratulations to the solicitors who have been granted Patents of Precedence.

President of the Law Society Michele O’Boyle said, “This is a significant moment in Ireland’s legal history. I warmly congratulate each colleague who has been deemed to demonstrate the standard of excellence required which entitles the solicitor to use the designation Senior Counsel. It is an important achievement, both for the individual solicitors and for the profession as a whole.”

The change to allow solicitors to apply for Patents of Precedence was first signed into legislation in 2015 under the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) Act 2015.

“I am delighted that the contributions and services of the solicitors’ profession are recognised and valued on par with our barrister colleagues. It is in the public interest that there is competition and choice. I hope and expect many more solicitors who possess the necessary skills, knowledge and experience will apply in the coming years. This is particularly so in circumstances where solicitors are central to the functioning of the courts system and the administration of justice.”

“Of course, a solicitor who becomes a Senior Counsel will remain a solicitor,” she added.


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