Customs Checks Bad For Business In Northern Ireland Says RHA.


The Road Haulage Association warns that customs posts on either side of the Irish border would harm the economy.

This follows reports that Government proposes that customs clearance zones be set up to check goods and paperwork. Businesses on both sides of the border currently benefit from free access; customs formalities would simply lead to delays and increased costs.

RHA Northern Ireland policy manager, John Martin has urged the Government to strike a deal with the EU which will keep goods flowing freely across the border.

“All parties need to take stock, drop the red lines and compromise to solve the problem. Time is running out and all parties around the table need to stop political posturing and make a deal.

“If reports that the Government proposes customs posts are true it’s clear they haven’t been listening to businesses in Northern Ireland.

“It’s crucial we maintain unfettered access both ways to ensure the continued and efficient movements of goods.”


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