KCC announced as official partner of Gunnebo in Ireland


KCC Group are delighted to announce their formal partnership with Gunnebo as they move forward through 2020 and beyond. They have worked with Gunnebo over the past number of years as a renowned, global supplier of security products, services and software with an offering covering Entrance Security, Cash Management and Safes & Vaults.

With Gunnebo they can offer their clients and customers across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland an impressive range of entrance security systems for multiple-occupancy buildings such as office blocks including speed gates, glass swing gates, tripod turnstiles, full height external / internal turnstiles, interlocking doorsets and security features for enhance access control. Gunnebo’s range of systems combined with the experience of access strategy experts at KCC allows building managers and designers alike to manage entry for all so that they can seamlessly move into and out of the building, but prevent access to unauthorised individuals.

While functionality and performance are of utmost importance with these entrance security systems, aesthetically Gunnebo systems offer a sleek, modern solution to enhance rather than detract from the overall look and feel of building reception areas.

KCC access strategy experts will be able to advise you on the most suitable system to meet your needs and how these can integrate with access control systems such as cameras, card readers, key pads, biometric identification, ticket validators, token collectors, barcode scanners, people counters and more.

The H-Sense infection control range will be of particular pertinence given the current Covid-19 environment and the emphasis on hygiene control in all buildings. As one of the first lines of defence in the workplace, the lobby or reception area will be at the forefront of adaptations considered to facilitate a safe return to work. The Gunnebo HSense range offers temperature scanning with fever detection technology, face mask detection in addition to a sanitiser gel dispenser capability.

Read more about Gunnebo’s H Sense range available through KCC here or get in touch with a member of the KCC team to discuss your specific project requirements here.


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