TFC boosts its presence in Ireland post-lockdown


Leading supplier of fasteners and supply chain solutions TFC is helping manufacturers in Ireland recover from the effects of lockdown by powering up its new facility in Portadown, Northern Ireland. The company is embracing the challenges of the new working environments with the help of customer video conferencing, hygienic product handling and safe vendor managed inventory (VMI) installations. TFC has also recruited a new area sales manager to drive customer interactions and support.

As manufacturers in Ireland begin returning to work, many are facing supply chain inefficiencies and multiple purchase orders that increase hard and soft costs. With lockdown almost over, the company is building its position in the Irish market at its recently opened facility in Portadown, Northern Ireland, while supporting manufacturers with its bespoke VMI and supply chain solutions.

TFC recently added to its team in Ireland by hiring new area sales manager, Kevin Basketfield. His 16 years’ of experience in the construction industry will bring a new perspective to the team at TFC’s Portadown facility. Kevin’s role will include advising customers on how they can streamline their supply chains using VMI. His appointment enables TFC to continue to build its presence in the Irish market and support the company’s plan for long-term growth in the region.

“Following the pandemic, restricted travel to Ireland has made it difficult to arrange face-to-face meetings with our customers there,” explained Chris Billinge, group business development director at TFC. “Opening our Portadown facility and hiring talented staff like Kevin has been an important step in getting closer to customers in Ireland. This means it will be easier for us to reach our customers in a short space of time and better support them,” added Billinge.

“TFC’s strong commitment to customer service really aligns with my own values,” added Basketfield. “Meeting customers is a vital part of my role and the pandemic has meant that we have had to find alternative ways consult with customers, including video conferencing.  However, as a team we’ve risen to the challenge and I’ve enjoyed getting to grips with this new way of working. As always, my priority is supporting our customers in the best way possible.

“I want to build on the strong reputation that TFC has built over the last 50 years and bring that to Ireland,” continued Basketfield. “By working closely with customers and tailoring products and packages to their needs, we can establish a strong presence in the Irish market and begin to build a plan for long-term growth in the region.”

For over half a century, TFC has been adding value to its customers’ engineering operations and helping them improve manufacturing efficiency by providing high-quality components and tailored supply chain solutions. To get in touch and set up a phone call, video conference or socially distanced meeting about vendor managed inventories and technical engineering products, visit


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